A manager’s job is *not* to ensure the task is done, the task is done on time, the task is done with quality! Then what the heck is a manager’s job?

Lazy thinking fights reality. Lazy thinking tries to create utopian societies. Lazy thinking tries to expect behaviours from people they may not be capable of

Most of us look for inspiration for us to act. The answer to achieving greatness in life & work may however lie in ‘doing’.

Srijan wins the prestigious Acquia Engage Award 2020 under the category “Open Source Giants”

How Srijan has managed to retain a “Great Places To Work” certification for four years in a row?

For 22 years, as an entrepreneur, i have been working hard IN my business as an ‘owner-manager’. The book titled “The E-Myth Busted” has transformed the way i look at my role in my business!

Screenshot of a chapter page in the book “The E-Myth Revisited : Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber

If God can exist without anyone creating God, then why can we simply not believe that Life does not need an outside agency for it to exist?

  1. You believe that God created life (or existence), and that God exists outside…

Implementation and execution of a half-as-good-a-plan is far better than an delays in moving forward while designing a perfect one

A unique coming together of Indian Drupal business owners and Indian community leaders to give greater recognition to their common love for Drupal and India

The formation of a formal ‘Drupal India Association’

For several years, a conversation about the need to form an India-centric Drupal Association has been doing rounds among Drupal business owners. …

“Communities of colour” — this itself is a deeply offensive phrase!

Picture of an Italian Sadhu travelling alongwith Indian Sadhus. Pic by Rahul Dewan from ‘Singhastha Kumbha’, Ujjain

Understanding Racism

As a context to this post, first let’s understand how ‘racism’ is defined.

Rahul Dewan

Indic, Meditator, Sadhak (Seeker), Yoga, Entrepreneur, Open Source, Drupal, Blockchain, Business Ops & Finance | srijan.net

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